TAMARA STAJNER musician | author | performer

Cosmic Dialogs

Short excerpt of the sound performance by Tamara Stajner and Max Bühlmann 

Tamara Stajner - viola, voice, sound sculptures 

Max Bühlmann - clarinet, sound sculptures 

Live at Kunsthalle - Atelier Borrower 

Vienna January 2017
© Tamara Stajner 

Inspired by feeling, intuition and sensuous impulses, Tamara and Max meet each other in transitory spheres of classical compositions and improvised meditations. In the pulsating dialogue beyond ratio and formula they play the sound sculptures built by Max; deeply hovering in experimental sounds, they transform through the rhizome of their common harmonies and dissonances, which repeatedly lead to works of Bach, Vieuxtemps and Hindemith until ultimately these too fragmentarily break up and become part of the cosmic primal sound. At the decisive moment, we can change everything. 

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